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Many Blessings

Craig's fourth album, "Many Blessings", is set to release late spring to mid-summer of 2016. An official release date to come.

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Standing On Top (Mr. Gove)

Standing on Top
Written by Craig Karolus


This song, as well as the entire album, is dedicated to my high school band teacher, Mr. Gove. Standing On Top is a salute to Mr. Gove's mentoring, leadership and commitment to his students to "bring out the best in all of us". The qualities Mr. Gove embedded in me through the marching band carried into my military career and now, into my music career. Mr. Gove is now retired. While working as the band teacher, he was also the leader of the Minnesota National Guard Band. The High School Band (please research the Minnesota Marching M'Bassadors) had a VERY high national reputation for high performance;  a well disciplined band both marching and on the parade field, under Mr. Gove's direction. The band received MANY outstanding performance awards and traveled all over the US to include Hawaii and also Canada.


I am very honored to have been a student of Mr. Gove. I am also honored to dedicate this album to him.