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Many Blessings

Craig's fourth album, "Many Blessings", is set to release late spring to mid-summer of 2016. An official release date to come.

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Jacob's Tribute

Family Values
Written by Craig Karolus


I wrote Jacob's Tribute shortly after the passing of my nephew Jake Karolus in May, 2011. Jake, himself, was a very talented musician. Jake was capable of playing multiple instruments including keyboard, drums, electric guitar, accoustic guitar, bass guitar and an assortment of accoustic drums. I had the honor and privledge to play a few songs with Jake at my father's funeral. Jake was a junior in high school when he passed away and would have graduated from high school in 2012. Jake was always positive, had a very strong relationship with God and like my mother, would do anything to help anyone. Jake liked many genres of music. I tried to emphasis this while writing this song; while at the same time import the many instruments Jake enjoyed playing. I would not consider this song to fall under the genre of New Age. At first, I was a little hesitent about adding this song to the Family Values album. After considering what the story behind the album is about and what the album stands for, I knew it was the right choice.