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Many Blessings

Craig's fourth album, "Many Blessings", is set to release late spring to mid-summer of 2016. An official release date to come.

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Far Away

Standing on Top
Written by Craig Karolus


I would not classify this song as New Age; more so, maybe a rock instrumental. The birth of this song origionated while I was serving in the US Army, stationed at Ft. Lewis, Wa. The guitar sound you here at the beginning and end of this song was revised over the years; used to be a piano melody. The lead guitar sounds were influenced by a former co-worker while serving in the Army. He used to come over and we would have jam-sessions. He was a very talented guitarist that gave me the ideas to how this song would sound, once I had the capability to record this.


The title, "Far Away" was named simply because at the time I started putting this song together, I was far away from home.