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Many Blessings

Craig's fourth album, "Many Blessings", is set to release late spring to mid-summer of 2016. An official release date to come.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Want a free (yes, I said free) download from Craig Karolus? It's easy. Simply go to and join the mailing list by entering in your email address in the top right corner on any page (one per email address only please). Second, click on the "Guestbook" button and enter your name, the same email address and in the message column, enter the title of the song you want to download. It's that easy.

Remember to enter your email on the "Join Craig's mailing list" as well as in the guestbook in order for your request to be validated.  If you forget to enter the song you want to download, no worries. One will be randomly selected for you.

What's the catch? There is no catch. In fact, for every 100th person that joins the mailing list will not only receive the digital download they requested, but will also receive the entire album download free (yes, I said free again)! Plus, for every 500th person that joins the mailing list will receive an email from Craig requesting a mailing address to send a physical copy of the album in which the digital download was requsted; absolutely free (I said free again, didn't I)!

This offer will expire on Jan 1st, 2013, so don't delay. Get your free download today!

This is Craig's way of saying thank you for supporting his music and Happy Holidays. No spam will EVER be sent to your email address. Craig has made a commitment to ONLY send updates of upcoming releases to your email address. All other talk Craig shares will be posted on his blog site.   If you wish to stop receiving emails from Craig, you can cancel at anytime, no questions asked. Simply click on the contact button, enter your name, email address and in the inquiriy section, state that you wish to stop receiving emails. That's it.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Craig Karolus Music!

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