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Many Blessings

Craig's fourth album, "Many Blessings", is set to release late spring to mid-summer of 2016. An official release date to come.

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About The Music

When I listen to a song I like, I sometimes wonder what the artist/composer was thinking about when he or she wrote the song. I've been asked the same question about my music. To answer that, here is a brief description about some of the songs on my album, Standing On Top; and what each song means to me:


TRUE LIFE:  This is a song I wrote shortly after I met my wife, Char. I wrote the song for her. To me, the melodies within this song describe her. She is my very best friend; I am closer to her than anyone else in my  life. I can talk to her and can share my feelings with her and feel comfortable doing so. We had this song played at our wedding. Char tells me this is her favorite song on this album. When listening to this song, it also makes me think more about life itself; and how I live my life and share my life with Char. I can picture a person, who's life is about to end, experience their life flash before them. To be able to see all of life's memories and all the things they've experienced in their life, but also, see the things they've missed out on in life. It makes me think if I were this person and still had the chance to live life to it's fullest, why wouldn't I? That's the message in this song - Life is too short; take EVERY opportunity to live the best life that you possibly can so that when the day comes when life flashes in front of you, you can feel the sense that you've lived life to it's fullest potential.

THE CREATOR:  Within this song, there are two changes in the mood of the song. The beginning reminds me of a being standing in front of some type of three dimensional door and not knowing what is on the other side. Once this being steps through, there is a whole different world on the other side; like a paradise. Then once the being steps back through, it's back to where it started. All of this is happening while The Creator of this is watching from above.

STANDING ON TOP:  This song reminds me of when I played in high school band, my senior year in high school. At the graduation ceremony, the band played the song, Battle Hymm Republic. I played the tympani drums during this song, which was an honor. There was a solo in the middle of the song. I can remember feeling so "pumped up" about playing this solo, I started to get louder and louder; then looking up to see Mr. Gove (my band director) give a hand signal to "tone it down". Standing On Top energizes me and the song has somewhat of a concert feeling to it, somewhat of a military style as well. I knew right away when putting this song together that I would dedicate it to my high school band director, Mr. Gove. I then thought it would be an honor for me to honor him by dedicating the entire album. The rest is history in the making.

The Aftermath:  I wrote this song not long after the tragedy that occurred on 11 September, 2001. After watching for hours on TV of not only that day, but the days, weeks even months after 9/11;  the feelings that I felt during this time is how this song came about. Within the song, I feel sadness, but at the same time some good things came out of this; which are the peaceful parts to this song. For some time during the aftermath of 9/11, neighbors, communities, even countries banded together; more so than what modern society has ever experienced.

Fear Inside (The Haunting):  The long introduction to this song was simply an experiment I worked on just before Halloween 2010. One of my keyboards I use to record (Korg Triton Pro X) has many different sound modules within it. There are many sounds I've been eager to try implementing in a song. I figured, why not try to make a scary sound? I used 32 tracks of sound effects at the beginning of this song. The melody portion of the song reminds me of a song by Yanni (I can not think of the name of the song at the moment); and also the theme song to the movie Halloween. I decided to combine the experiment with this song to make it what it is today.

Far Away:  I  wrote this song when I served in the US Army, stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA. The title was simple, I was far away from my home in Minnesota. The guitar sound at the beginning and end was a piano melody in the beginning; I've revised the song over the years. I myself would not necessarily classify this song as New Age; it's just an instrumental I created from the style of music I grew up on, Rock and Roll.

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